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"Just a note to say thank you for your excellent service. We recently sent my uncle a Horton's Bermuda Rum Cake for his birthday. Your service is excellent!! We did it all online, it was so quick and easy!"
- Gary Leduc, Ontario, Canada

"...it's incredible, I'm addicted"
- V. Ford, San Mateo, CA, USA

"...this time I'll let my family have a taste...a tiny tiny taste..."
- G.Patton, Stamford, CT, USA

"...I shopped so much in Bermuda, but the rum cake was by far the best purchase. I bought an extra plane seat for it so it would not be crushed in the overhead cabin."
- David Ferdinand, Director of Sales, Fitzpatrick Grand Central/Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel, NY, USA

"I have never been a fan of rum cake until I tasted yours. I found myself stealing little slices whenever my husband was asleep but, he caught me in the act everytime and regretfully I had to share"
- D. Pringle, Edinburgh, Scotland

FREE Tastings at the Bermuda Craft Market
Friday 1:00pm-3.00pm

With so many rum cakes on the market, some ask us what makes Horton’s different. The answer is simple. Of all the rest, Hortons is the only brand that uses fresh butter and all natural ingredients. Horton’s still practices the lost art of baking from “scratch” in small batches, the old fashioned way with premium ingredients. Quality dictates also that our rum cakes are mixed by hand. That’s a stark contrast to rum cake company products made with commercial cake mix.

The Original Horton’s Bermuda Black Rum Cakes have been awarded internationally, featured by the Food Network and esteemed by The Bermudian Magazine as “iconic”. Industry pros have called Horton’s “the world’s best rum cakes” and cited them for “excellence”.

Since 1985 Bermuda’s Tourism organizations, top hoteliers, international company executives and Bermudians have consistently chosen Horton’s for gifting Bermuda’s best.

Great for convention and hotel amenities, weddings, parties & gift baskets
~ Perfect for the galley ~ a stash for enjoyment from sun up to sunset.

Sold at The Bermuda Craft Market in Dockyard and island-wide where you see trademark logo with the pink cottage on every box. It’s an accurate depiction of the home in Somerset where Mrs. Linda Horton baked Bermuda’s very first rum cakes. The Horton’s logo is your guarantee of authenticity.


Bermy style: relaxin’ on deck with some Horton’s at dusk

Giada De Laurentis pauses during her photo shoot of Horton's Cakes

Hortons is proud to be the winner of the
Iconic Bermuda Award from The Bermudian Magazine

Click here to visit The Bermudian Magazine.


From a secret recipe created with loving care in a tiny Bermuda Bakery came these light and moist dessert cakes that can only be described as "magnificent" -
The Original Horton's Bermuda Black Rum Cakes™.

From the moment you sink your teeth into a buttery slice, you'll know why thousands of visitors to Bermuda and locals over the years have come, tasted, and told their friends about these incredible delicacies that almost everyone describes as "the best there is."

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay (center) samples Linda Horton's award winning Black Rum Cakes during Gourmet Getaway sponsored by The Bermuda Department of Tourism. Also pictured is Bermuda's former Minister of Education.